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Why have I received a link to this page?

You've been sent the link to this page so that you can easily and securely pay for 1:1 coaching sessions with Dr Supriya.

Here you can pay via debit or credit card or by using Wix Payments, Apple Pay or Paypal. International payments are also accepted, although there may be a currency conversion fee at your end, as billing is in GBP - please do check with your provider regarding this.

It may also be that you are paying for sessions on behalf of a relative or friend, who may be experiencing coercive and financial control or abuse. In many cases, keeping transactions of this nature off bank or card statements can help them to get the help they need whilst staying safe. 

The payment form does require you to include the name of the client you are paying for, as well as their invoice reference number, so please do have these to hand.

If you experience any difficulties, please do contact us here.

Pay Online

Pay for coaching sessions here


Thank you

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