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Online Courses

"I knew my ex-husband was an extremely 'difficult' man, but taking this course has made finally helped me understand why he behaves the way he does. I had one lightbulb moment after another as I recognised every single one of his behaviours deconstructed and described in such detail - honestly, it was like the whole course was about just him!"

"I literally cried my way through this course as 40 years of confusion started to fall away. All my life I have blamed myself for never being good enough for my mother, but now I 'get' her, and I know that whatever I do, her disappointment in me actually has nothing to with me. This course is easy to understand, and Supriya's in depth knowledge is delivered with empathy and warmth. I just wish it had been available sooner."

"The information contained in this course should be mandatory learning for everybody. I knew nothing about NPD until I was in my late thirties. It actually now feels like I must have been sleepwalking through life. Trying to cope with a toxic work colleague is what originally brought me here, but what I learned has really opened my eyes to the other toxic people in my life, who have caused such drama."  

The School Of Narcissism will be offering a range of further specific courses to suit each of the different types of narcissistic relationship. To get the most out of these, we do recommend that you take the Demystifying The Narcissist course first, as the material in this course lays the essential foundation required for the further courses.

The following courses will be coming soon:

Divorcing a Narcissist

Co-parenting with your Narcissist Ex

Dealing with Post Separation Narcissistic Abuse

Dating after a Narcissistic Relationship

Recognising and Coping with a Narcissistic Parent

Supporting your friend or family member through a narcissistic break-up.

Narcissism in the Workplace

Each course will take a deep dive into how to deal with the narcissistic person in your life, and will include practical tools, together with communication and coping strategies, all delivered by Dr Supriya in an understanding and holistic way.

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