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'THE NARCISSIST TRAP - The Mind-Bending Pull of the Great Pretenders'

 This book unveils 'narcissism', which hides in plain sight and so often goes unnoticed - in spite of the havoc it inevitably wreaks. Combining Dr Supriya's engaging storytelling with her no-nonsense explanations, she centres the book on the stories of four very different narcissists, and shows how each person in their lives are affected by them. As a fly on the wall, we meet these narcissists' partners, children, other family members, friends, work colleagues and casual acquaintances and we learn how and why the narcissist behaves towards them as they do.


'The Narcissist Trap' explains how the trap is laid, who is targeted, why it's so easy to fall in, and how the narcissist weakens their victims so they find it difficult to escape their gravitational pull.  It explains what lies at the heart of narcissism, and gives practical tips to manage the narcissists in your life. With special sections on what it is like to be the child of a narcissist and how to deal with workplace narcissism, this book promises to be the definitive guide on Narcissistic Personality Disorder for the general public - and is a must read for everyone who finds themselves in a difficult relationship that they cannot make sense of. View it on Amazon here

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In the first book of the Narcissists in Divorce series, Dr Supriya McKenna offers up her years of experience working in this field. From Love-Locked to Leaving will teach you how to assess whether your partner is a true narcissist. With easy-to-read case histories and in-depth questionnaires, you’ll learn about narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), and how to deconstruct narcissistic behaviours.

You’ll discover the predictable divorce and separation behaviours to expect from a narcissist, and their impact on you and your children. You’ll also learn why these relationships are so difficult to break free from, and why you may be struggling. With guidance to help you decide whether or not to leave your relationship, you’ll also learn essential strategies to build your resilience – regardless of what choice you ultimately make.

If you do choose to separate, Narcissists in Divorce: From Leaving to Liberty is the follow-on guide in the series, which will be out soon. View it on Amazon here.

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This groundbreaking guide is written for solicitors, barristers, mediators, family coaches, judges and all practitioners of family law. It explains the behaviour patterns of those with narcissistic personality types, enabling the practitioner to pre-empt these predictable behaviours. When representing a narcissistic client, this guide helps the practitioner to protect themselves from abusive behaviours, and when representing the spouse of a narcissistic individual, it gives clear advice on how to best represent them to enable a better, faster outcome. It has been highly recommended by top UK lawyers and reviewed as 'essential reading for all family lawyers.' Read a sample chapter here.

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