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Demystifying The Narcissist - Behaviours Explained

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Wondering if the difficult person in your life is a narcissist? Or do you know that you are dealing with a narcissist but are struggling to explain to those around you what narcissism actually means? It's important to understand if you are dealing with a narcissist, regardless of what your relationship is to them. Only then can you stop blaming yourself for their behaviour, grasp their limitations and become empowered to live your own life fully and authentically. With the 'Narcissist' word becoming a buzzword these days, it's hard to find information that is actually correct - and trawling around angry, judgmental or contradictory articles online can be frustrating and confusing. This colourful course is brought to you by medical doctor, acclaimed UK narcissism expert, bestselling author and podcast host, Dr Supriya McKenna. With audio and video content and downloadable PDFs, you'll take an in depth look at the 28 key narcissistic behaviours, learn what lies beneath Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and discover the four different types of narcissists, brought alive through case studies and eye-catching artwork. An attractive 65 page printable PDF workbook accompanies the course, with prompts and questions for you to work through to help you gain clarity. And you'll even consider the question of how narcissistic YOU are, in the final 'Spectrum of Narcissism' section. Further courses, specific to the different types of narcissistic relationship are on the way.

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