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Is your partner a Narcissist? Knowing for sure.

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If you are in an intimate relationship with a narcissist, it can be impossible to see things as they truly are - for sound psychological reasons. People can get stuck in relationships with narcissists for decades because the narcissist's behaviours trick them into believing that they are the cause of any disharmony. They come to believe that they should try harder. That they should give more, do more, love more and forgive more. They come to stop trusting their own reality and they start trusting the narcissist's version of truth instead, so giving away even more of their power. In some cases, they even come to believe that they are 'crazy' or 'flawed' in other ways. Their confidence in who they are becomes undermined by the narcissist's assertions, and they very often lose their sense of self, as they abandon their own needs and preferences in favour of the narcissist's. And they are plagued by false hope - the hope that at any time things can go back to being as they once seemed to be - perfect - the greatest love story of their life. This targeted video course with workbook was developed by Dr Supriya McKenna after years of working with clients who would come to her confused as to whether they were married to a narcissist. There are 221 questions to consider, with explanations delivered via 41 short videos. These will give you the answers you need, and will empower you to choose how to move ahead with your life.

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